Wednesday, April 26, 2006

40 Percent

That's the chance of me running San Diego now. I just haven't been able to train as well as I hoped, and with classes winding down and graduation a couple of weeks away, I doubt I'll get in some quality running time. I figure it's better to save my $90 registration and put it towards a race I can properly train for and hopefully PR. Something in the fall, perhaps.

With June clear of a marathon, I can now aim towards some half marathons at the end of May in Laguna Hills, CA. I really need to work on my speed training if I want to get under 9:00/mile. While I have Boston as a goal in the distant future, my more immediate target is to beat the time of one of my favorite singers, Josh Ritter. I posted something about Josh a few weeks ago and his fantastic album, The Animal Years. He ran the Phoenix RNR Marathon in January and managed a time of 3:34. So, now, beating Ritter's time is my main motivation.

On tap for this week is to get in a couple of short runs and a longer run on Sunday (16 miles?) with FJ.

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Nic said...

Hey, awesome goal.

For my first marathon, I just wanted to beat Oprah. Then P Diddy pulled his little stunt for NYC, and I just wanted to beat him.

And I did. ;)

Good luck with graduation!