Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon Splits

Who knows when I'll have a chance to post a full race report about the Inaugural Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon? The race turned out a little better than I expected as I posted my second best marathon time, beating my 2007 Los Angeles Marathon time by about a minute. My chip time was 3:53:24. I hadn't trained very well for this race, but I did get in a substantial amount of miles, including a 20 miler three weeks before the race. The quality of my workouts probably left a lot to be desired.

The pace looks to have been pretty even. I wish I had managed a negative split, but it looks like I slowed down slightly in the second half. It was a beautiful course but also a tough one. Rolling hills. All in all, though, it was quite a race. I'd definitely consider doing this again if only to have another opportunity to visit Seattle.