Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sore Arms

The running program is still sputtering along, but now that I'm done with school (I graduated on Saturday), hopefully I can get into a regular schedule. Along with running, I'm going to implement a weight training program, which I pretty much abandoned when I started training for marathons. With work, school, and a social life to balance, I either ran or lifted weights. By that time I was tired of the same workout routine and running was a new activity to master. Not that I've completely mastered it, but I think I've got it pretty well down.

The bad thing about skipping out on weight training for the better part of a year and a half is that I have lost all the gains I had. My muscle mass has shrunk, I'm flabbier, and to make it worse, I'm heavier now than I was pre-marathon training. It's the eating that screwed me up. The lack of weight training was evident the last two nights when I barely managed to do four sets of any exercise using respectable manly weights. I am probably lifting at 30-35% of what I was doing before. My arms and shoulders are incredibly sore from curling 20 pound dumbells. Now I have to start over. Drats!

The goal is to--hopefully--lose 15 pounds by the Mud Run in the middle of June. I want to look respectable for the Marines. I figure losing the weight won't hurt my running either.

Another goal is to be a better blogger. I think I need to expand the scope of this blog a little bit more to more than document my training program. The only problem is whether I have a life to document. We shall see. Now that I have more free time I ought to be able to do more fun things.


Darrell said...

Congrats on graduating. That's a big step, now on to the next adventure.
I can totally relate to weight trainig and running dilema; who has time for both?
Have a great time at the Mud Run. It looks like a total blast. I guess RNR San Diego is off the calendar?

Spider63 said...

Muscle memory means that your muscles will quickly get back to where they were before! Keep at it, and best wishes!

Nic said...

Congrats on your graduation! And I always enjoy hearing about what music you're listening to, so feel free to write about that whenever!

bestusedcarrs said...

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