Wednesday, April 16, 2008

04.15.2008 - AI Review

1. David Cook - It was a terrific arrangement with OK vocals. The strings were the best thing about it. Like last week he went with his lower register, and while not as shaky, it is not the best use of his voice. He sounds best when on full rock mode.

2. Carly Smithson
- I'd disagree with Randy and say that I liked the beginning more than I did the shrieking. She was trying too hard to reach those Mariah notes and she couldn't. Too many bottom 3 placements has shaken her confidence and she's second-guessing herself. She should stick to her instincts and not try to figure out what the audience wants.

3. Jason Castro - Castro needs to stop with the falsetto. It failed him on "Hallelujah" and it failed him again in the beginning of the song. Thankfully the song turned out to be quite pleasant and true to his self.

4. David Archuleta - He hit some flat notes and the falsetto also failed him, but overall a good effort from the kid. This is his comfort zone but he needs to show versatility. The song that really made me a believer was actually the only upbeat song I remember him singing, "Shop Around."

5. Syesha Mercado - Pretty voice but tries too hard to be so. She does pick difficult songs to sing but whether she succeeds is a matter of debate. It's not that she has no personality, it's that it gets overshadowed by too much strain and effort showing. Her best moment was in Hollywood Week when confronted with losing her voice, she delivered a gutsy performance.

6. Brooke White - Having her sixth seems weird because I actually didn't dislike her performance. It was good, but just not particularly memorable. A little on the dull side but it didn't make me cringe.

7. Kristy Lee Cook
- Also not bad, but just merely passable. She has improved, though, from her awful early performances. I still don't think she should be here.

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