Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Raul is Biking

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After much deliberation I finally bought a bike last night from Sameer's friend, Lauren. It's a cute bike, a Univega. I picked it up after work at Lauren's place in Echo Park and Sameer met me there so he can escort me to Hollywood for the GLU meeting. I think he was terrified I would get myself killed. It was only later in the evening that he revealed that he had packed medical supplies with him, gauzes, scissors, morphine. That's how much faith he had in me. Frankly, I didn't have much faith either. In the morning I made a point to find my Blue Shield card and stuff it in my wallet.

From Echo Park we took Sunset all the way to my old street, Martel. 6.2 miles according to Google. I did 10K in my first bike ride. The ride was fun and exciting. I tried to be vigilant the whole time and watch out for crazy drivers. I know there are horrible drivers out there, but to really get a sense of how bad some folks are, get on a bike and feel how dangerous it can be out there. Echo Park wasn't bad with its bike lanes, but once we got to Hollywood it got a little scarier. Actually the worst part of the ride for me was how bumpy it was. They really need to do something about those potholes.

It was exhilarating getting to our destination. I think I was just relieved to have made it in one piece. I was sweaty and thirsty, but I was alive.

We also rode back home to Koreatown and riding down 7th Street was fun. It was late at night and no cars. I need to get a frontlight, though.

Today my butt is a little sore, but I'm looking forward to getting on the bike again. Maybe next week I can start taking the bike to work.


Anonymous said...

I have a Univega, but mine is old. The front wheel is like ten times bigger than the tiny-weeny back wheel.


Maria said...

I just wanted to say "Hi!"

Have fun biking around... I haven't ridden in years. I need to get my bike tuned up so I can start riding again.