Thursday, September 04, 2008

Raul Hasn't Been Running

Raul has been a lazy runner the last few weeks. I did run the San Francisco Half Marathon but with very minimal training, and I have been running with FJ, Andy and Katie on the weekends. This past weekend we ran 7 on Saturday and another 6 on Sunday, but even then my lack of training was evident. Those short runs wore me out. At the end of the Sunday run, Katie still had plenty of energy and I could barely keep up with her at the finish. In any event, I was hoping I would jump start my training this week. So far I've been unsuccessful.

In November I will be running a full marathon in San Antonio. I've been underperforming all year. No personal bests this year. I don't know what the conditions in San Antonio will be, but I am going to shoot for a 3:45. To do so, I will need to start putting in more miles and pushing my pace. With about 2.5 months left, I may have enough time to do so. I figure Mondays and Thursdays are good nights for running. I can probably squeeze in a short run either on Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully cooler weather will soon be upon us so I can't use the heat as an excuse. Knowing me, though, I'd likely use cold weather as an excuse too.

I, herefore, commit myself to training for the Inaugural San Antonio Rock N' Roll Marathon!

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D said...

I'm holding you to that!