Friday, April 09, 2010


I have this goal of attaining a "summer beach bod." It's actually been a goal for many years now but I have yet to accomplish it. Will this be the year? If I keep eating the way I do I doubt I ever will. Maybe for a day, and then I'll snap a picture of it to capture the moment then I can let myself go to waste again.

So far I've lost some weight, but I don't know how much. I haven't weighed myself. Judging from the decreased size of my man boobs I'm guessing it's about five pounds. Running is helping with the weight loss but I would need to really monitor what I eat to be successful. How can I do that, though, when there's so much good food to eat?

Tonight I checked out the Flying Pig Truck after work. The Art Walk attracts a whole caravan of food trucks, so when I got out of work I checked out which ones were there. A lot of them were unfamiliar to me or their food offerings just didn't appeal to me. I was about to give up hope and headed back to the parking garage when I saw the Flying Pig Truck parking. I had read good things about their fare, so I checked out the line and figured I'd wait for a bit. The line wasn't too long, and the Flying Pig started taking orders very soon. I was thinking of getting the braised pork belly bun but I feared that it would be too greasy. I was feeling guilty enough as it was, so instead I settled for the tamarind duck taco, which in my mind was healthier, along with crab balls. Now that I think about it, I probably would have been better off getting the pork belly.

The verdict? Both items were amazingly good. The tamarind duck taco was sweet at first but had a nice spicy kick at the end. I'm not a duck expert, but I thought it tasted great. The crab balls were quite good, too. It's a compliment to say that I could really taste the crab. They paired it with a sweet chili dipping sauce, but it really didn't need it. I could have had a couple more of those duck tacos, but I was good. I had a taste and it was good. I'll save the other menu items for next time.

While at the Flying Pig Truck I ran into one of my Flickr contacts, the uber-talented Joits. We had never met and only knew each other from the pictures we post on Flickr, which actually is pretty revealing. It's not often you get to meet an internet friend, so it was great to meet and talk to him for a bit. The internet really is a great tool for opening up the world.

Afterwards, feeling guilty from the food, which also included a vegan potato salad and half a peanut butter and banana sandwich from earlier, I went for a run. Rather than do my usual 6, I super-sized it to 8.75 miles. It was a lousy run. I just never got in a rhythm and felt sluggish the whole way. It was like I had only one gear and I went through the whole run on that one gear. I managed to drag myself through the run, so at least I can say I ran 8.75 miles. It sucked, but it was completed.

The weekend now beckons and Saturday there will be more eating. Dim sum in the morning and sausages and beer later in the evening. How am I ever going to be buff?

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