Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Musical Life

I saw South Pacific at the Ahmanson tonight, and once again I find myself thinking how great it would be if real life was a musical where everyone just breaks out into song-and-dance. If that were the case I would greet every new morning by bursting out into this number from Singin' in the Rain, arguably the greatest movie musical of all time.


Kevin Petway said...

You should definitely start your morning off with a well choreographed musical number. Just because we don't do it now doesn't mean you can't start a new trend! :)

Stoodert said...

It *does* sound like a really nice way to live, (think of how fit everyone would be from dancing all the time!) but I'd hate to have to go to all those rehearsals every day for the rest of my life.

Raul! said...

We wouldn't have to rehearse. It would be as natural as walking. I tried it this morning, and I think I have the singing part down. The dancing will need some work.