Friday, September 30, 2011

Raul's Finite Playlist: September 2011

LINK: Raul's Finite Playlist: September 2011

September has sure flown. I feel like I say that every month, but it's true. Time flies!

For this month's playlist, I seem to have resorted to old favorites. The Antlers, Magnetic Fields, Active Child, and Sufjan Stevens are making return appearances on the playlist. If not for a little self-restraint a couple of these artists would be on the list every month. The Antlers show up again with "I Don't Want Love," another gorgeous track from their newest album, Burst Apart. The Magnetic Fields return with "Grand Canyon" from 69 Love Songs. It's one of several songs from that collection that just makes me sigh with its powerful simplicity as they convey the unbridgeable chasm that develops when love goes away. "But I'm just me, I'm only me," Stephin Merritt begs to heartbreaking effect.

Gorgeous in a different way, Active Child appears again on the list with "Hanging On," one of the highlights from You Are All I See. To top it off, I threw in an intimate epic from Sufjan Stevens, "All Delighted People" from the EP of the same name.

Now on to the virgins! Anna Calvi has a full-throated voice and "Desire" reminds me a little of Kate Bush, but that's true of other female artists of late. Influences are influences and musicians are full of them. Royal Bangs, for example, sound a little like Wolf Parade in "Dim Chamber," but I love Wolf Parade so I'm a happy camper.

Another new band is Motopony with their brief, jazzy "King of Diamonds." Wilco is back in fine form with The Whole Love and "Dawned on Me" is one of the standout tracks. Its gently cascading chorus is quite appealing. Also coming back strong is Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. The one-time band-of-the-moment has receded to a lower profile, but it's good to hear them still making terrific songs like "Same Mistake. The Drums also show up on the list with their latest catchy song, the cheery "Book of Revelation," which isn't all that cheery of a topic.

To top it all off, I threw in a couple of cover tunes. I love covers. It's hard to believe that prior to this month I had not included a Bon Iver song, but now they show up with a pretty version of Peter Gabriel's "Come Talk to Me." The Shins contribute a peppy version of Squeeze's "Goodbye Girl."

Overall this month's list leans towards the melancholy. None of the songs are what I would consider depressing, but then again my scale is a little off. I'd say this month's list favors a wistful beauty rather than party anthems. Frankly, I'd rather be at a party playing Sufjan instead of one blasting out hip hop.

Until October… oh, crap, that's in a couple of days!

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