Monday, April 30, 2012

Race Report: 04.07.2012 Hollywood Half Marathon

Chip Time: 1:51:57 Avg. Pace: 8:33
I'd hate for anyone to think that I have already failed at my 12 for '12 challenge. I did run a race this month a couple of weeks ago, but due to things being busy--work, as usual, and moving to a new apartment--I haven't had the chance to write about my April race: the inaugural Hollywood Half Marathon. I really thought doing the 12 for '12 challenge would force me to train better and get faster. So far it hasn't happened. Leading up to this race I fell off the running wagon again, so this was another "just finish" race. With a giant hill at the end, I knew I wouldn't be setting any new personal bests, but I was hoping to finish at under 1:50. That didn't happen and that was due to a lack of trying. I was in solid shape for a sub 1:50 finish up until mile 9 or 10 when I just got tired and opted to walk more than I should have. Couple that with the uphill finish, what was a likely 1:47 finish became a 1:52. I'm not disappointed, though. I ran it, enjoyed running it and turned in a solid time.

There was really nothing noteworthy to write about. The start was fast as we ran down Cahuenga past the Hollywood Bowl, then the rest of the way until the turnaround in Silver Lake was mostly flat with some rolling hills. I kept up a good pace but my legs were just not feeling it to go any faster. I fatigued around mile 9 but I still hoped I could have a solid finish. Instead I walked a couple of times going up Cahuenga back to Universal City and took some pics along the way. With such a tough hill, I wasn't too surprised when my calves started cramping, but thankfully I was practically done when it started acting up. As for the race logistics, the course is fine. Its chief feature is that challenging hill on Cahuenga. I didn't enjoy running through City Walk as it was too narrow and had too many things I could trip over. Hopefully the race won't start in Universal City again. The expo was a pain to get to as it was at the Hilton up in Universal City. The line for parking was quite lengthy, so I decided to park down the hill and just walk up. It's tiring to do that, but I preferred that to waiting in a line of cars and pay $10 to park. The race start had the same problem, which I avoided by going Metro. The aid stations ran out of cups and there weren't enough volunteers. Other than that, it was an OK race. I doubt I'll do it again next year, but who knows? Next up is the Pasadena Half Marathon in May!

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