Tuesday, June 06, 2006

They are runners too!

I love it when I find out that my favorite artists also love doing things that I enjoy.

I was reading the July issue of Runner's World and got to the end and saw a picture of a good-looking bloke. It dawned on me that it was Josh Ritter, a terrific singer/songwriter, whose The Animal Years is one of my favorite albums of 2006. He ran the Phoenix Rock n' Roll Marathon in January and posted an impressive first marathon time of 3:32. Not only is he a great artist, he's also a great runner. I'm catching his show in LA this Friday, a show I've been eagerly awaiting for two months. His albums are highly recommended!

Then today while surfing the web for more information about Sufjan Stevens's upcoming album (Stevens is just about my favorite artist right now), I came across this tidbit from the Asthmatic Kitty website. Sufjan Stevens's brother, Marzuki, finished 20th in this year's Boston Marathon. His time was 2:20:11. How amazing is that! It qualified him for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials. Reading things like these inspire me to strive to be a better runner.

On another note, congratulations to all who completed this weekend's San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon!

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