Monday, November 05, 2007

Notes on a Non-Running Weekend

Nothing like not being able to run to make you miss running. Yup, I'm sidelined again with the same knee ailment I had after the LA Marathon earlier this year that kept me from running for six weeks. It came on early last week as a mild twinge that gradually got worse over the next few days. I ought to get it checked out, but I've been too busy to make an appointment.

This weekend was a busy weekend for running in New York. On Saturday was the men's marathon Olympic Trials, which was won by Ryan Hall who looked like he could keep running for another 26.2 miles. He was strong and finished well ahead of everyone else.

Sadly, Hall's training partner, Ryan Shay, collapsed five and a half miles into the race and died. No word yet on the cause but it might have been an enlarged heart.

The next day was the New York City Marathon, which had thrilling finishes on both the men and women's side. Paula Radcliffe won the women's race, and it was my first time really watching her run. She's not a graceful runner at all and she looks pained when she runs, but she has guts and even when it looks like she's struggling she pulled off an impressive victory. She has won seven of the eight marathons she has competed in. She DNF-ed at the Olympics.

Lance Armstrong ran again this year and improved his time from last year by 13 minutes, finishing in 2:46:43.

And in a surprise, Mrs. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes ran her first marathon. She finished just under five and a half hours at 5:29:58. Congratulations to her. Suri and Tom were there at the finish.

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Coach Kate from TNT also ran it and ran it much, much faster than Katie Holmes. Kate finished in 3:41. Great job, Kate.

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Mary Lou said...

Paula Radcliffe congratulates me on my nike plus system. I'm happy she won, only 9months after giving birth. RAD.