Sunday, February 10, 2008

02.09.2008: 17.5 miles (or so)

Distance: approx. 17.5 miles
Time: roughly 3 hours
Location: Rose Bowl/Arroyo Seco

I had intended to run no more than 14 miles but I was feeling good so I kept going with Andy and FJ, who were planning to run 20. My legs were tight early on for the first five miles and I doubted I'd even last 14 miles, but by the time we made our way back from the north side and stopped off at Lot K for a short break I was feeling warmed up. My right calf and hamstring felt a little tight but not bad enough to affect or slow me down. I took a Gu at this point and I think it gave me a second wind.

The night before I had a couple glasses of wine and didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked, but ultimately it didn't become a factor. It was also the first warm Saturday in a while. At the start it was a cool 50 degrees but by the time we finished it was in the 70s--not terribly hot but after being spoiled by the cool winter weather it felt almost unbearable. It beats the rainy weather from last Sunday, though.

On the running fashion front, I wore a brand new Adidas top I had bought from the Adidas outlet in Ontario Mills. I was all Adidas-ed out--top, shorts, socks--but as FJ pointed out I wasn't matching. Waking up bleary-eyed on a Saturday morning, figuring out how my shirt and shorts match is too much thinking than I'm willing to do. In any event, I loved the shirt I was wearing. It might have rocketed to the top as my favorite running shirt. It was comfortable, moved well, felt soft on my skin, and it did a great job of keeping me dry. I ran for three hours and it looked like I had only done 3. Actually that might not be such a good thing. I may have to make another trip to Ontario Mills and stock up on more shirts.

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