Sunday, November 23, 2008

Until the Sun Went Down Over Santa Monica Blvd.


I don't usually like a good beer buzz early in the morning, but I definitely longed for alcohol soon after completing the Great L.A. Walk yesterday. I ran a marathon last Sunday, and I can honestly say my legs and feet were more sore from walking yesterday than it was running 26.2 miles a week earlier. What can you expect from being on your feet for nine hours?

But it was all worth it. I had a blast! Our merry band of walkers fell behind early on and never caught up the big group. It was my fault as I led them on an excursion to find Carroll Avenue so I can show off the great houses there. Unfortunately we got a little turned around and my friends got cranky at the hilly sidetrip we took. But we had a blast the rest of the way. We took yummy pit stops at Cafe Tropical in Silver Lake, Sasoun Bakery in Little Armenia, and Fulfilled Pastries in Beverly Hills, which made up for our run-of-the-mill lunch at the French Market Place.

Last year I did the Pico Walk on my own and stuck mostly with the main pack. But this year, as part of a group, including Sameer, who I met at last year's walk, I had a whole different experience. We may have been the last group to arrive, but we surely had an amazing experience. I can't wait to do it again next year.

A sampling of photos from the Walk. More on Flickr.

In Echo Park
Pastry Case at Cafe Tropical
Mile 4: Vote 4 Obama
Lahmejune Minus the Lahme
Mile 8
Fun With Public Art
Mile 17


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a day! How come I wasn't invited? Where did you start? More importantly... how in the hell did you get home?


Raul! said...

Oh, but you were invited, FJ! I replied to your Saturday run e-mail and invited everyone.=)

We started at Union Station, walked down Cesar Chavez to Sunset and then turned to Santa Monica. We got home via Metro. It all worked out great. =)

Anonymous said...

D'oh, my mistake. Next year, I definitely want to go. It sounds like so much fun. BTW, leave Dec. 20th open for our Xmas party.