Thursday, November 20, 2008


No, I didn't win the marathon this weekend--I finished in 4 hours, 2 minutes--but our trivia team, Pochi Pochi, won a massive victory last night. We scored 124 out of 130 possible points--and we were down one team member. Sameer came in for the last round and helped us with the final bonus question: What country was the first republic in Africa? The answer: my favorite African country, Liberia! We were fortunate with questions that we immediately knew the answers for, but with victories in three of the last four weeks, we are on quite a roll (asterisk still firmly in place for the first victory in which the leading team stopped answering questions paving the way for us to win). We are officially a dominant team.

As for the marathon, I will hopefully have pictures and a longer report posted later this evening.

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