Thursday, June 04, 2009

05.30.2009: 18.2 Miles

I met up with Rob to run 18 miles since we're both running Seattle. I had a bout of the cold a couple of days before, so I was worried about congestion and having not run all week. Still I forged ahead and the running actually seemed to improve my breathing. I still had a few coughing jags but nothing too bad.

The run, though, turned out to be a slog. Both Rob and I struggled. I started cramping with about two miles left but we still managed to finish in three hours. I can't blame the weather since it was perfect--overcast and cool. My lack of running and the illness probably didn't help, but I also didn't think they were major factors. It was just one of those days. I'm hoping the 20 miler will be better. The weather will be just like last weekend. I'm still trying to work out the phlegm and such that seems to take forever to clear but it shouldn't be a problem on Saturday.

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