Monday, May 18, 2009

05.16.2009 - 14+ Miles

It's amazing how quickly things deteriorate when you're running. One minute you're feeling great, thinking you can keep running forever, then the next you just want to fold up and die in a corner. Somewhere around the eleventh mile with Sonia my will to run quickly depleted. I still finished but I sure didn't like it.

FJ and Yoshi joined us for the first six miles. We ran up the northside to JPL and back. We took a short pit stop back at Lot K to chat with Kiley and to say farewell to FJ. Sonia and I continued on and I felt great all the way to the end of the southside by the 110 freeway. Running along the golf course my legs began to feel tired, but that's a normal by-product of running. It also wasn't incredibly hot, so I figured we'd complete the run with little to no problems. As we headed back along the arroyo I began to feel sluggish. I could have used a Clif Shot then, but I didn't bring one with me. The walk breaks couldn't come soon enough. I hesitated whining about wanting to take a walk break since I was running with Sonia, who is one badass runner. Thankfully she brought up the topic as I was just mulling it in my head. She too was tired. All of a sudden it seemed as if the temperature skyrocketed and all the exhaustion I had been keeping at bay for the last 10 miles all came at once. We still maintained a good pace but I focused on my breathing, trying to control it by taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly and completely. It helped but the heat was still getting to me. I thought we could manage without another walk break, but when the watch beeped with about 3/4 of a mile left I gladly took one last walk break. I was feeling light-headed and I was just worried that if I didn't take the walk break I'd faint or shit myself. When we finished I was glad I didn't have to take another step. I was relieved.

Mainly I think when the haze burned off and we were exposed to the sun, our energy was sapped by the heat. I should have packed a Clif Shot and hydrated a little more. With about three weeks left before I taper, I need to do at least 16 miles this coming weekend, 18 the folllowing weekend, and then 20 on the first weekend of June. I also need to run more regularly during the week. Also, watch the eating.

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Janey Jane said...

now you know how I feel EVERY time I try to doesn't it?