Saturday, May 28, 2005

05.28.2005: (I'm Gonna Be) 4 Miles

I've decided to keep a running blog. I don't know how this is going to go, but during training for the L.A. Marathon, I received a few positive comments about the training journal I tried to maintain on my fundraising webpage. When I stopped updating it a couple of friends wondered whether I was still running. Hopefully I'll be more successful in updating this since I've become a consistent blogger in the last couple of years.

What should one expect from this blog? Thoughtful observations like this gem: why must compression shorts compress everything? I'll also post statistics, general feelings about the run, and whatever else is worth posting.


Distance: 4 miles
Time: about 35 minutes (FJ and I stopped at the halfway point and directed the runners, so we actually didn't run four miles straight through. We also took no walk breaks on the run back, but we still ran a total of four miles).
Calories Consumed: Too much. I had three cream puffs, half a bagel with cream cheese, a macaroon, a banana, one sports bottle of Gatorade, one Red Hot Cheetoh, a Garden Scram from Wild Thyme, two pieces of toast with butter and jam, two KFC chicken strips. Later I'll add ice cream to this list.

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