Monday, May 30, 2005

05.30.2005: Fiesta Days Run 10K

Distance: 10K
Where: La Canada-Flintridge, CA
Calories Burned: A great many, but I gained it all back from all the BBQ I ate today. I can't catch a break!

Participation in today's race all hinged upon me waking early enough to get to La Canada to register for the race. It was a good thing I was told the race started at 7:30 AM because I was forced to get there earlier than I had to. When I woke up this morning no remnant of the headache that plagued me yesterday lingered. I got dressed, drove to the location, and proceeded to run a strong race. Still, I was very surprised to get third in my age division. It was a small race, but still it's nice to place. This marks my first top 3 finish in a race! Will more come? Only time will tell.

I felt fine throughout the race. I set my watch for a 5/1 run-walk ratio but actually ran through walk breaks early on depending on how I felt. So for the first 2 miles it was more of a 11/1 run-walk ratio. The course started out fast thanks to a downhill start, but that was negated later in the race with an almost mile-long uphill run. Despite the relative challenge of the course, I still beat my first 10K time by almost five minutes. I still have yet to crack the 50 minute barrier, but I'm closing in.

TnT had a small contingent but we all had great showings. Jimmy, Kate, and Katie all won their respective age divisions. Jimmy and I are in the same age division so TnT represented 2/3 of the 25-29 top finishers. Kiley beat me by 20 seconds, but his division is a formidable one, so despite his great showing he still wasn't in the top 3. Regardless, a great performance from Kiley who I thought I could catch in the end but he just turned on the jets in the last quarter mile or so.

Next race for me is the Mud Run on June 12 then I'm debating whether to sign up for the 5K/10K put on by L.A. Frontrunners. It's a lot of running in so short a time, but we'll see. Small races are fun. They're short and sweet.

I felt quite the representation of fitness after the race, but that soon gave way to gluttony as I proceeded to eat my way through two barbeques. From now on it's diet time. I need to weigh 155 by end of summer.

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