Monday, January 23, 2006

01.21.2006: 18 Miles

Distance: 18 miles
Time: 3 hours, 3 minutes
Location: Rose Bowl
Notes: It was a relatively good run. I was sore afterwards, that goes without saying, but compared to the last three long runs I've done this season, this was less trying. I never felt like quitting at all. In fact, if I hadn't taken that (necessary) bathroom break after mile 10 the run would have felt even better. My legs stiffened up during that respite and it took a while to get back into it. All in all, though, it was a terrific run.

Afterwards a few of us chipped in for a huge 28-inch pizza. That hit the spot. I may have burned a couple thousand calories during the run, but I'm sure I replenished all of that and then some throughout the day and at Liza's party. At this rate, I doubt I'll lose any weight before the marathon.

I ought to be reading right now, but again I'm struck by laziness. I got straight A's last semester, so I didn't learn my lesson about procrastinating. I decided to audit two classes this semester on top of the two classes I'm taking for a grade. The audit classes won't require written work from me, but I'm expected to do the reading, which is still substantial. It's the last semester, so I might as well put up with it.

I watched "Brokeback Mountain" today. I'm tired.


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I never lost any weight during either of my 2 marathon training times. Like you, I always enjoyed the good food I allotted myself afterward. Oh well.... How was the movie??

Nic said...

If you got straight A's, then you obviously MASTERED procrastination.

Me? I have mastered the art of justification...