Sunday, February 05, 2006

02.04.2006: The Big 2-0!

Distance: 20 miles
Time: 3:27
Location: Rose Bowl
NOTES: This run had me anxious. Since I hadn't run 20 miles in practice before, I made it out to be a big deal. It was a make-or-break run in that it would either boost my confidence as the marathon nears or it will discourage me. Now that I've done it, I can honestly say that I'm pumped for the next six weeks of training.

The run couldn't have gone any better. There were some worries early on in the run when I developed some stomach issues. I normally don't eat cereal before a training run, settling instead for a banana and a cup of coffee, but I thought I needed something more substantial. Unfortunately we only had whole milk in the fridge that my niece and nephew drink, which I should not be drinking since I am now lactose intolerant. Still, I poured it in my cereal and tried to ingest as little of the milk as possible, but I probably still consumed too much because it went right through me. Rather than discuss my bowel movements any further, let's just say it made for some anxious moments early on.

Once that passed, the rest of the run went well. With the distance and the unseasonably warm weather, I would say it was my best run all season. The pace is slightly slower than the 10 minute pace I try to keep during the long training runs, but I think that had more to do with the detours and time spent waiting at the aid station for Gina. I would run ahead of Gina and wai for her at the aid station and she got cranky. Well, she always gets cranky during our runs, but yesterday was the first time she threatened me with bodily injury. I was surprised how fresh I felt all the way through. It wasn't until a half mile left in the run that my legs felt heavy.

So hooray for a good run. The miraculous thing is that I'm not at all sore. I got home, took a nap, and even went out for Preeti's birthday, no worse for the wear. In my first season my legs would burn after a long run. Now I have a runner'slegs, but I still don't have a runner's body. All in all, a very good day. I just hope it isn't the highlight of the season. With the marathon coming up, I have to work hard to finish under 4 hours.

Have fun!


Nic said...

Congrats! I'm glad it went well. Does this mean you're tapering now? I hope so! Love the taper!

Mike said...

Hey Raul,
Congrats on the 20! Just thought I'd give a suggestion regarding pre-run fueling. Try "Ensure" or any of the other similar nutritional drinks- it is an excellent way to get mega-calories for a long run or marathon without having to deal with the stomach issues of trying to get similar calories from solid food. Lactose free to boot! I usually drink 3-4 pre-race with no problem. Take care-mike

Jay said...

Finishing sub-4 should be a piece of cake for ya!

Darrell said...

Cool to see that the Big 2-0 went better than expected.

Sorry it took me a week to get here, though.