Friday, February 03, 2006

20 Miles

Tomorrow will be my first 20 miler with TNT. This is my third season with the team, but every time we ran the 20 miler something came up, so tomorrow will be a momentous occasion. It really shouldn't be, I mean I've run 26.2 twice already, but those were different circumstances. Training runs can be tougher than the actual races because it requires a lot of motivation to keep going for miles and miles. At a race, the adrenaline is pumping and the will to finish is strong. I'm a competition-driven guy, so I do well under pressure. Perhaps I should look at tomorrow's run as a contest.

Leading up to tomorrow's run, we ran 10 miles last weekend and it turned out to be the best run I've had all season. I felt great. Maybe I'm getting into running again now that the marathon is nigh. I've also started doing an additional night of speed training. My Yasso 800 pace is at 3:36, and I'm going to do mile repeats at 7:52. That shouldn't be a problem...I hope.


Darrell said...

Hey Raul, Good luck with the 20 miler. Just came across your blog on the RBF.

Nic said...

I agree with you about the training runs, and I HATE the 20 miler. But it makes the 26.2 much better. Good luck tomorrow!