Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The need for speed

I received my L.A. Marathon confirmation card over the weekend. I signed up so long ago, in October, that I couldn't remember if I did or not. Bib #3175. The marathon logo this year is also quite nice, if a bit feminine.

Last night I did 8 Yasso 800 repeats at a 7:04/mile pace. It felt easy last night. I was off at a couple of points because I lost concentration, but otherwise I was feeling great. Tonight I'll do an easy 3-4 miles at the gym, get some studying done, and probably watch the Grammys and "Project Runway." Tomorrow I'll do my first ever mile repeats. I'll ease into it and do 4 miles at a 7:52/mile pace (hopefully I'm not underestimating the difficulty). I think the speed workouts helped make for an easy 20 miles on Saturday. I'll take Friday and Saturday off, and I hope I don't oversleep for my early call for the Ventura Half Marathon. I have to get up at 3:45-4:00 AM to meet up with Gina so we can carpool and make it to Ventura by 6:30 AM. I have no plans on Friday night (as usual), so I should be able to get plenty of sleep that night. Kate and Katie ran the Pacific Shoreline Half on Sunday and finished in 1:37. I beat Coach Katie last time at the AFC Half Marathon, but she was jet-lagged and hadn't trained much, so I doubt that I can beat that 1:37. My immediate goal is under 1:45, perhaps closer to 1:40. I think that's within the realm of possibility, but as Jimmy and I discussed last night, I have a low tolerance for allowing my body to feel oxygen deprived. I really don't push myself enough in my races. I'll try to keep that in mind this weekend and push through the discomfort to see how well I can really do.


Nic said...

Good luck! You're inspiring me to get going on those speek work-outs. Next week, I promise!

Raul! said...

You don't need a lot of inspiration. You seem to be the self-starter type. =) Anyway, get to it while the weather is good.

Darrell said...

8 800's! Wow, I will have to work up to that, but congrats to you. Go for the 1:40 (or less) in Ventura.

I do my speedwork over the old dirt track behind Royal Oak JH.