Thursday, July 19, 2007

Food Run

The last few weeks I've been running after work on Wednesdays with Frontrunners in Santa Monica. They're a fun bunch and last night they had their monthly potluck after the run. I brought Diddy Riese cookies to the mix and I expected the fare to be of the chips-and-dip variety, but I really should have expected more from a bunch of gay men. There was not a bag of chips in sight. Instead, for example, Jeff, who I had the privilege of running with last night, made a terrific tabouli salad and baked a blueberry pie. Someone else made a nice tossed salad (har har) and someone else brought a couple bottles of shiraz. This was no simple potluck. My contribution looked paltry--a small bag of cookies--but at least it was quality cookies. I'm going to have to bring my "A" game next time and whip out something impressive.

As for the run, I covered the 4.3 mile loop twenty seconds faster than last week at about 34:16. I believe that's under an 8 minute pace.


Anonymous said...

A "tossing the salad" joke?! I think you're better than that.


an old man

Raul! said...

I had to address the obvious before some comedy writer beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

So... you think comedy writers always go for the "obvious joke"??
Okay... maybe you have a point, BUT... oh hell, I don't have a good arguement.


bitter old man