Monday, July 09, 2007

New York Times Wedding Announcement of the Week

Apart from Andrew Solomon's (The Noonday Demon) union this week to John Habich, the 07/07/07 lot of wedding announcements were an uninspired bunch. They seem to get drier and drier each week. I really expected more from the 07/07/07 bunch. I really feel bad for those who have their anniversaries on 07/07/07. Think of the dinner reservation nightmares next year when a whole bunch of them celebrate their first anniversary.

For this week's announcement I chose one I have a distant connection to:

Jana Gasn and Kyle Beauchamp

I worked for a couple of years in the same company as Mr. Beauchamp's father. I never worked with him directly but we would exchange pleasantries at the coffee room. He was known for bringing his adorable, albeit large, golden retriever to work. The dog was the most docile dog I've ever seen. He would just lie by Tom's desk while Tom worked. When Tom got up, the dog (whose name I've forgotten) would follow him lazily through the maze of desks. I never heard him bark and never got in the way. Other employees brought their dogs and other pets to work but none were as adorable or well-behaved as Tom's.

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