Monday, December 03, 2007

New York Times Wedding Announcement of the Week

With no good basis on which to single out one announcement this week, I decided to go shallow. This week I'm picking the best couple photograph. And the winners are:

Anna Kneitel and Michael Gross

Great smiles from both of them and I love how the golden sun bathes them in its warmth. It's hard to tell where they are, but based on the background and the sunlight they could be out in Napa or maybe Italy. I also like that their heads aren't squeezed together like they were conjoined twins. They're together but no suffocatingly so. But for me it's the refreshing sunlight that makes this picture a winner. It makes them look so young and full of promise. Nia VonHockman and Christopher Chase should have gone with this photographer.

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abc said...

Thanks a lot. What a wet blanket on our happiness.