Wednesday, March 26, 2008

AI Review - 03.25.2008

1. David C - Ha! I called it this afternoon. Based on his tendency for picking "interesting" rock covers, I knew he would do the Chris Cornell version. To his credit, he performed it very well, and also to his credit, he's smart in finding versions that make him seem original and different. I call b.s. on the "brave" comment. There was nothing brave about it when another artist already did it exceedingly well.

However, I just see him as another Daughtry, another uninteresting rocker in the Nickelback vein. Maybe he'll prove me wrong when he writes his own stuff, but the last thing I want to hear is another Nickelback or Buckcherry or Daughtry or Creed or 3 Doors Down or Matchbox 20 and so on.

2. Michael - Welcome back! Of all the men, he's the one most willing to test the boundaries of his vocals. He repeatedly picks songs that are tough and challenging. He hit some bumps tonight, but it was 99% on.

3. Brooke - Hers is a thoughtful way of singing, somewhat brooding. The problem with last week was she was trying to be Miss Sunshine. The judges were right about the shift in the song, but it was nitpicking.

4. Syesha - I think she ran out of breath in the end, but she's someone who can be easily improved with slight touches in the recording process. It was confidently delivered.

5. Carly - She was no match for the song--and Bonnie Tyler. It was the first time it felt like she lost control of her voice. Shaky.

6. David A. - Awful song choice. He's proven that he can sing and he sang well again tonight, but this was an awful, awful song choice. Cheesy. He needs to demonstrate his pop chops.

7. Chikezie - Boring. There's a radio station in LA that plays songs like this in the evenings. Growing up we would listen to it so we'd fall asleep. I almost did listening to Chikezie. He may have found an unexpected panache for country music, so I suggest he go back to it.

8. Ramiele - Her voice is weak during quiet passages, but she gets by on yelling. Randy is right about pitch issues during the song, but I'll give her a pass for being sick. Had she been better, though, I doubt it would have been any better.

9. Jason - Completely forgettable. Even Adam Duritz knows to rock it hard once in a while. I think I've had my fill ever since "Hallelujah."

10. Kristy - She actually has a pretty voice and this was her best performance, but at the same time it made me cringe. She's a vacant vocalist. However, she might be very savvy. She might have just earned all of the Red States tonight with that song.

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