Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AI Review

1. Brooke White - She doesn't have the most conventional voice for a female Idol, but she knows how to wield it. She wasn't just covering a Beatles song, she was interpreting it.

2. Chikezie - He surprised me. He has been dull so far, but this was a breakout, joyous performance.

3. Carly - She's a pro and it shows. Just a very solid singer in full control of her voice.

4. David Cook - He's growing confident with a second straight strong performance, but I have a feeling he'll cross over into cockiness in no time. Leave the microphone stand alone. It can stand by itself.

5. Michael Johns - The judges expect a lot from him. He was shaky in the beginning, but he had a strong moment in the middle.

6. Amanda Overmyer - Surprisingly good. Her voice verges on screechy, but it was under control tonight.

7. Syesha - Weak beginning, but it settled in the middle and through the end. Not memorable, though.

8. Jason Castro - He's dull. Pretty enough voice but being given too much credit. He's essentially the Jack Johnson of this group. Good enough, but tiresome in its mellowness.

9. Ramiele - Dull tonight. Perhaps listening to too much Filipino pop music as it shows in her [i]maarte[/i] vocals.

10. David Archuleta - I love the kid, but he had a rough night tonight. Nerves got the best of him and stumbled. Apart from that he was actually decent, but this wasn't his best moment.

11. Kristy Lee Cook - I thought her vocals were OK. I blame the band and the arrangement. It went extreme. Even if the band had been better, there's no disguising her forgettable voice.

12. David Hernandez - Not playing up to his strengths. I was tired of it within the first few seconds.

I rarely call in to vote, but tonight, I felt so bad for David A. that I actually called in a couple--alright, a few--times tonight for him, and I'm sure quite a few others did too. Anyone who doesn't like him must hate puppies.


Davey said...

David A. doesn't need sympathy votes... he needs an inhaler.

He always sounds like he just finished running a 5k.

Raul! said...

Puppy hater.