Sunday, December 18, 2005

12 Miles

Distance: 12 miles
Time: 2:19
Location: Rose Bowl
Notes: This marked my first run since last Tuesday (12/6), and it's amazing how quickly your body weakens. I felt horrible for most of the run, especially halfway through. I didn't think I would have enough fuel to complete the full 12 miles. A lot of it may be psychological. With four miles left I must have gotten a second wind because the last few miles were easier than I anticipated.

The 2:19 is the slowest pace I've run in some time. However, that time includes long stays at the aid stations to chat with the good folks manning said stations, so maybe the run wasn't as bad as I'm thinking. I still feel like I've let my training lapse this season. The first time I was diligent about getting my runs in and following the training program. The second time, training for Nike, I was motivated by wanting to improve my time that I made sure I was well-prepared. I gained weight during that training, but I was also a better runner by then. This time, my schedule just can't seem to get organized. School and work take up so much time, and with the shorter days, getting my runs in has been tough. The good news is that there's still three months until the race. I should be OK. I need to remind myself that the goal is to run under 4 hours. I should also stick to a schedule.

After the run, it was a night of socializing. FJ, my running partner from last season, had his annual Christmas party last night. I'm so glad to see him. Hopefully he can make it out to run with us in the future. After FJ's party, I headed out for Nate's birthday celebration. Drinks and curry at Lucky Baldwin's was followed by more drinking and bull riding at Union Cattle.

Today was my niece's 2nd birthday. I ate too much, so it is imperative that I run tomorrow.

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