Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Bjork, thanks for bumming me out. I'm sorry I laughed when you were trying to kill Bill. It was just funny how he wouldn't die. You kept shooting him, but he wouldn't let go of your money. He was like one of those serial killers in horror movies that just won't stay dead, like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. I have to confess, however, that I still have a hard time believing that your songs can actually be classified as music. They sound like someone dropped a tray full of utensils over and over again. I also couldn't understand why your son had to have the operation right away. Couldn't it wait until you were out of prison? Oh, and you're right to not want to have Peter Stormare as your boyfriend. He's creepy. Have you seen him in Fargo and "Prison Break"?

Anyway, I was still sad that you had to die--and by hanging, too. They didn't even let you finish your next to last song.

Oh, and I ran over 4 miles today during lunch on a treadmill.

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