Monday, December 12, 2005

running in place

I haven't run in a week. Last Tuesday was the last time I ran. It's hell week at school, so that has been my focus for the last week. I had a paper due today and I have two more, 20 pages each, due on Wednesday. So you get the picture. I haven't been eating or sleeping well, nor have I been exercising. The only run I had scheduled during the week was the Venice 10K on Saturday, but I wound up oversleeping for that. I had intended to run tomorrow and Wednesday, but seeing how I've been doing on the papers and how crappy I've been feeling, I might skip those days as well. One week of no exercise and I feel like crap. My legs have this weird ache as if from disuse. I can imagine it's the pain of atrophy. I doubt that's what it is, but I really need to get back to running. I miss it terribly.

Writing papers really runs a person down. I had a slight fever earlier, probably from lack of rest, so I drove down to Jamba Juice and ingested a wheatgrass shot and ordered a Coldbuster with an energy boost. Let's see if it works.

Back to paper-writing.

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