Monday, February 19, 2007

A dozen miles

The training schedule (which I haven't been consulting) apparently said 12 miles for Saturday, but Jimmy changed it up in the morning and the team ran 10 miles. I still wound up running roughly 12 miles with FJ and Andy since we started at the pipe. It was all a miscommunication but it all worked out. Roughly 12 miles in 1:48. There's nothing much to say about the run other than that it was a warm day. Otherwise it went well.

Right now I'm supposed to be tapering, which is always a strange time. I tell myself that I ought to take it easy, yet there's the guilt about not running, which could lead to overtraining. I have a hard time running at an "easy pace." It just does not feel like a workout, which might be the point. I have to remind myself that I've done everything I can to run the marathon, and that pushing hard the next couple of weeks will do little to improve my performance. It's all about maintaining my fitness and being well-rested for the marathon. If I'm going to get a massage I ought to schedule it within the next week. I'm often sore after a massage, so doing it on Thursday next week won't be a good idea.

While I shouldn't overtrain, I also shouldn't let myself get lazy. I still need to work out. It's the balance between resting and working out that I find difficult.

Marathon in 12 days!

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