Wednesday, February 28, 2007

MARATHON WATCH 2007: 5 Days...

Last night our little Team and quite a few supporters met up at Dave and Buster's in Arcadia to celebrate the season and the races we're about to complete. There's nothing like a couple of hours with the good people of TNT to make you feel like a million bucks. As Dr. Smith pointed out last night, TNT must have a built in "scum filter" that only allows the good-hearted to join. If you're looking for "What's Right With Southern California," you only need to come out on a Saturday morning at the Rose Bowl to witness that there are good people here in LA. We can be obnoxious as we pretty much hog the running path on Saturdays, pushing other runners who seem to fear our numbers off to the middle road, but we do mean well. Although, admittedly, I do think some bad apples got in, but I won't identify them by name. They know who they are!

When I first joined TNT I thought I wouldn't be able to stand all the gooey goodness and positive vibes emanating from the other participants. I can be a Grinch, but boy, did TNT melt my cold, cold heart. I still find it hard to be upbeat and rah-rah at 7AM on a Saturday, but I find the goodness around me to be refreshing. Who needs Prozac when you have TNT? I never give up anything for Lent, but driving today I thought about doing more of something. So I decided I will dole out more hugs.

Hugs for everyone!

No running today. Rest.

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