Tuesday, January 29, 2008

01.26.2008: 13 miles (give or take)

Distance: approx. 13 miles
Time: 2:14:41
Where: Rose Bowl/Arroyo Seco

It was cold when we started but not unbearably so. I expected worse, but it wasn't too bad and by the time I finished it was quite pleasant. We were able to squeeze our run in during a respite from the rain this weekend and it made for some gorgeous scenery. At Devil's Gate Dam fog hovered over the trees, and up the trails past JPL the arroyo gushed with water. There was also snow up on the mountains but we never made it that high.

The run went well but I ran was running out of gas near the end. When I turned around with Rachel just past the archery park on the southside I thought I could keep going. I felt great. As soon as we left FJ and Andy behind, though, I started to feel it. Still 13 miles at 2:14 (including a long break after mile 9 at Lot K for a quick change) ain't too shabby.

Unfortunately I haven't run since. I'm feeling a little bit under the weather but I think I'll be OK by Sunday. I'm keeping expectations low, but I'd love to beat my time from last year of 1:43. If I can beat my PR of 1:41 I'd be ecstatic.

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