Tuesday, June 07, 2005

06.06.2005: Nike Run #1

Distance: 5 miles
Time: approx. 44 minutes
Location: Pasadena (Paseo Colorado)
Grub: 1/4 turkey sandwich and sundry fruits

No shirt again. Nike isn't giving out free Dri-Fit shirts again. Damn it! Not only that, but my raffle losing streak continues. I have yet to win a damn thing. This one new girl from the Team came for the first time and was about to leave when I told her there were more prizes. She pulls her ticket from the trash, and wouldn't you know it, she wins the next prize. Damn!

The running went great. I ran with the 10-10:30/mile pace group since from past experience the runners tend to go a minute faster than their publicized pace. One time I ran with the 9-9:30/mile pace group and almost brought up the rear. With the 10-10:30/mile group, I'm one of the faster runners. It's all about the ego.

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