Wednesday, June 29, 2005

06.28.2005: Hill Training #1

Distance: approx. 5.7 miles (Indian Run and hill running)
Time: N/A
Location: Rose Bowl
Notes: Great turnout and everyone had a great time--well, as great as it could be considering the agony we were putting our bodies through. I felt a slight twinge on my left knee during the hill runs, but I was able to keep it up. No problems with it since. The Indian Runs are killer especially when Jimmy is doing it with us. The burrito after practice was very tasty.

During practice I also got into a great conversation with FJ about music. We have the same appreciation for music and current bands. It's going to be a lot of fun running with him this year. We already share a common interest in television and pop culture, but to find that he's also into the same music is awesome. It's always great to talk to someone about music.

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