Thursday, June 02, 2005

06.02.2005: The Loop

Distance: 5 miles
Where: Trails up in Claremont Wilderness Park
Time: approx. 54 minutes

I set my time for a 2:30 to 1 run/walk ratio, slower than usual, but I was still exhausted halfway up the hill. Perhaps I was exerting myself too much running up or it just wasn't a good running day. Regardless, I still managed to run the loop in the fastest time yet thanks to stopping only once during the descent. I'm hoping that the climb up the hill will feel easier very soon. It doesn't seem to get any easier, but it's always a wonderful feeling of triumph once I reach the top of the trail and I know all that follows is a downhill sprint.

The gloomy weather and the drizzle made for good running conditions, but my glasses kept fogging up. Apart from that, the weather was most welcome. Here's hoping for more cloud cover the next few weekends.

Apart from the weather, I wore shorts that were not to my liking. From experience, I realize that I like shorts that are sturdy and do not ride up. I also prefer small pockets in the back that zip closed so that I can put keys in there and they won't bounce against my leg as I run. The ones today were thin, no-nonsense shorts, but they kept riding up between the legs and the keys kept on twisting in the side pocket. Comfort when running is of the utmost importance.

One last thing, whenever I run on trails, I always worry that I'll trip and fall headlong down a ravine. I doubt I'll ever grow out of that fear, but I just hope that it's not a premonition of some sort.

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