Wednesday, September 14, 2005

09.14.2005: Claremont Wilderness Park

Distance: 5 miles
Location: Claremont Wilderness Park
Notes: With the start of school, work, and running, I've been neglecting this blog. It's not that I haven't been running. I've just been too busy--and too tired--to update this every time.

I've been running the Claremont Wilderness Park trail every Wednesday after class. The last two weeks had been hot, but today was very mild. That probably had a lot to do with how fast I ran the course. I took the clockwise route this time, and as I was ascending I thought I was runnning it very slow. By the time I got to the halfway mark, I was a half hour into my run. I figured I'd run it in 57 minutes. Perhaps I made up a lot of time running downhill because I wound up running my fastest time. I still haven't figured out which direction is easier. The clockwise course has a slightly shorter uphill but it's more consistently uphill. In any case, it was a good run even though I thought it wouldn't be. My shin still aches a bit, but I don't seem to notice it as I get deep into the run. It's irksome in the early stages of a run. I just hope it doesn't get worse.

On to other news: tonight I attended the mentor meeting for spring. I wasn't planning on mentoring, but I was easily persuaded by Jennie. I'm not the only one who is returning. Others were bitten by the TnT bug as well and are returning as mentors. Besides, it's a good way to mark a full year of running. The plan is to run the half marathon in Austin in February and then run the full marathon in LA. Lots of running in the next few months.

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