Sunday, September 25, 2005

09.24.2005: Run Hit Wonder

Like They Just Don't Care

Distance: 10 kilometers
Time: 1:15
Location: Los Angeles Coliseum and surrounding areas

Notes: In the above picture, waving their arms like they just don't care, were my lovely companions for the Nike Run Hit Wonder 10K, Gina and Jennie. They were so much fun to run with that it didn't bother me one bit that I was going much slower than normal. I was 25 minutes off my personal record. In fact, Gina and Jennie both finished ahead of me because I spent quality time at the Fountains of Wayne stage.

And more!

It was a very fun race, a huge turnout and incredibly festive, not to mention lots of cute guys. Afterwards, rather than take part in the post-race festivities, we drove back to Jennie's neighborhood and had a terrific dinner at the Good Microbrew in Silver Lake. I celebrated and ordered the juicy prime rib, a steal at $15.95. I also had a pint of the Floating Dog Porter, which was OK, but I wouldn't mind had it been a little stronger and stouter. All in all, a terrific night out.

Today was my nephew's baptism. By the time the baptism was over at 3:00, I was feeling faint and light-headed. I was starving. My brother booked a Chinese restaurant for our party and there was plenty of food. Henry and Tony stopped by and helped minimize the leftovers. Even with their help, though, we came home with too much food.

Now, it's time for me to start my paper. It's 9:03 PM and I have work early in the morning. It may well be a late night for me.


Mario said...

Ya I had just got the cd and didn't really take the time to look at the titles very well. Thanks for calling me out on it...damn you run alot.

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