Friday, March 31, 2006

Back on the saddle

I'm taking my plan to run the San Diego Marathon seriously, so after taking a week and a half off from running, I started up again. I ran three miles on Wednesday and Thursday, taking it easy for now to prevent any injuries and allow my legs to recover from the marathon. San Diego is in two months, so I have to start getting some longer distances in once again. I'll start with six miles tomorrow, bump it up to 10 the following week, and perhaps a twenty miler 3-4 weeks before the marathon. Geez, there's not a lot of time. I think the main thing is to maintain my level of fitness while I recover, and in a couple of weeks I can start doing speed workouts again.

On non-running related news, I went to see Rhett Miller play a show in Santa Ana. Wow, what a show. It was worth risking my life driving through a storm and the local freeways. Miller played in a venue called the Galaxy Theater, which is a dinner-theater-ish establishment. I've only seen one show there before, and it's an OK venue, but they really need to put in for repairs. There were leaks on the ceiling, including one that dripped right onto the stage. I feared electrocution for Rhett and his band. Thankfully the show went on without any fatalities and the band played a heck of a set. Miller played a lot of songs that were pretty evenly split between his solo albums and stuff from Old 97's, including a punked out version of "Barrier Reef."

I've been seeing a lot of shows lately. Last week was Josh Riter/Band of Horses, the week before that were Arctic Monkeys. Next week will be The Boy Least Likely To at the Spaceland. After that I don't have another one scheduled until Josh Ritter returns in June.

Oh, I almost forgot, I passed my comprehensive exams! It looks like I'll be graduating. The only thing left is to pass my classes, which should not be a problem. =)

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Isabel said...

There is nothing better than seeing Rhett Miller live. He really puts on a show.

I was always a fan, but not as much until I saw the Old 97's perform live. Seriously!