Saturday, May 31, 2008

1 Day Until San Diego

I'm still at home. I haven't packed, I haven't showered, but I have eaten a nice bowl of oatmeal to ensure regularity tomorrow. I'll hopefully jump in the shower in a few minutes, throw some clothes in a bag and drive off to San Diego.

The BioBlitz last night was fun if only for the fact that I got to be out in nature in the dark of night. It was almost too quiet at Topanga State Park. I guess I'm too accustomed to city life. As for the bugs, we didn't really catch anything too interesting. Mostly moths, but we did catch some interesting crickets, a katydid, and a wind scorpion. We also saw a huge frog as we we were walking. Two hours in I began to worry that I've been on my feet for too long, but I think I should be rested enough for tomorrow's race. I slept about eight hours last night, which is a lot for me.

I haven't given the race a lot of thought. No special race plan apart from what I've done before. I'm just going to keep an eye on my pace and see how I feel. I'll attempt to keep to an 8:30 pace, which will get me to around 3:43 if successful. This race can really go any way tomorrow and I'm not really confident about which way it will go. It could be good, it could be bad. If it goes bad, I'll just try to enjoy it as much as I can.

Wish me luck!


A Person said...

Hey, you did the BioBlitz? I printed those little passport books!

I remember you from the concert also... when that spotlight came on you, I thought someone was going to propose!

Unknown said...

Yo- I hope you did ok. I was thinking of you.

Unknown said...

Hey you...hope you did well. I was thinking of you while I ran at the RBOWL.