Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5 Days Until San Diego

I finally signed up for the marathon on Sunday. The prices went up yesterday, so I saved a grand total of $9.05. Woo hoo!

Over the weekend I ran twice but erased any benefits by eating and drinking a lot. On Saturday FJ, Rachel, Andy and I ran eight miles, and then yesterday I ran with FJ for another six. While the runs went well, I unfortunately continue to feel a little something that I think might be my IT band. It's not painful but it's irritating, and I wonder how it will hold up over 26.2 miles. Eight and six were fine and doable with it, but I think it will be an issue over a longer distance. I'll take it a little easy this week.

FJ asked me if I was excited, but I think I stopped being "excited" over marathons a couple of races ago. The adrenaline rush still comes when I start, but the days leading up to it aren't as nerve-wracking or anxiety-ridden as they used to be. I've become a little jaded now.


Jenn said...

Ahhh, yes! I think you were in a brown retro jacket (don't fault me or think I'm weird for having a decent photographic memory!) Your date was so pumped. Loved it. The audience could've used more guys like him. Some dude to the left of me was a wooden board the entire time. Otherwise, it was a great great show.

Jenn said...

Wait a sec--you just clarified that you weren't with crazy fan. You were behind him as well. Pardon my slowness today (so much for a photographic memory). Aiiight, I'll leave ya alone now.

BTW, how'd you come across our blog?

Jenn said...