Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Piazza, [L.A.] Catcher Retires

Mike Piazza is retiring from baseball, which is enough to make me feel old, but couple that with the fact that he played 16 seasons and it makes me realize exactly how old I am. I remember when he started playing! Can it really be that long ago?

So long, Piazza, Dodger catcher. I guess we'll never know if you are straight or if you are gay.


Davey said...

Maybe his career would have been longer had he put religion first and rested on holidays.

Raul! said...

He's no pitcher.

I just read a piece in the LA Times about the trade to the Marlins and how it was indicative of the change in culture when Fox bought the Dodgers. He seems bitter about it, but Lasorda is going to try and persuade him to wear a Dodger cap in the Hall of Fame. Most likely it will be a Mets one, though, to go with the song that immortalizes him.

Mary Lou said...

One thing we do know about Piazza is that he loves to rock the mullett and loves heavy metal music. I think he dates busty blondes too.

Raul! said...

Oh, Mary Lou, we all know it's just a front.

Actually, I preferred Eric Karros and Shawn Green myself.

Mary Lou said...

ooh snap, livin' life on the DL and I do not mean the disabled list.