Monday, August 01, 2005

07.31.2005: 14 Miles

14 miles

Distance: approx. 14 miles
Time: 2:10:55
Location: West Covina/Walnut
Dead Animals Encountered: two crows (West Nile? Should I call the CDC?), a flat cat, and one unrecognizable fur-covered roadkill.
Notes: Nothing makes me feel like a badass than knowing I just ran 14 miles before most people have even gotten out of bed. If only it was easy waking up, I would run in the morning instead of at night. I laid out a great course with most of the last five miles either flat or downhill. There were still some uphill portions, but the last five miles was a breeze thanks in part to topography but also to a well-timed rest break at Stater Bros. on the corner of Grand and Amar. In the year that I've been running, this marked the first time I ran around in my home area. There are some dirt trails to minimize the impact, and there was plenty of shade, at least at the time I ran, to lessen the effects of the warm weather. All in all, a terrific run. I felt good. I have to confess that I drove the course afterwards and according to Papa Smurf's odometer, my course only measured 13.7 miles. So I'm short 400 meters? Big deal.

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