Wednesday, August 03, 2005

08.03.2005: Off by a Mile

7 Miles

Distance: 7 miles
Time: 1:13:25
Location: Walnut
Notes: What was supposed to be an easy, comfortable run turned into a rigorous seven mile challenge. I decided at the last minute, while leaving work, that I would run along the route I used for my 14 miler except I would essentially cut in half by bisecting it at Lemon Ave. I estimated that it would be five miles, six at most. I was off by a mile. Literally. Even though I underestimated the distance, I was proud of the fact that, when I drove the route after my run, it measured seven miles exactly from start to finish, perhaps a smidgen more. Gmaps Pedometer backs up the distance. Man, I ought to design race courses for a living.

The run itself was tough. My shins bothered me right from the start, but I thought it was just tightness that would go away as the run went on. It didn't. I guess I overdid the sprints last night. My time was good, though. Subtract all the time I waited for crosswalk signals, and I probably ran the whole thing under 10 min/mile.

I'll be taking tomorrow and Friday off in preparation for the Hills Are Alive 10K in Rollings Hills Estates.

08.02.2005: Hill Training #5

Distance: approx. 7 miles
Time: N/A
Location: Rose Bowl
Notes: Not as hot as the last couple of weeks, but still tough. FJ and I ran together and he never beat me in the sprint. HA! The Indian Runs were also easier because Jimmy didn't run with us. Funny how that works.

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