Sunday, August 21, 2005

08.20.2005: 16 Miles

Distance: 16 miles
Time: 2:33:22
Location: Rose Bowl and surrounding areas
Notes: One of the best runs yet of the season even though at the latter half my legs felt like dead weight. I felt great, and if it wasn't for the legs, I would've pushed myself harder. Regardless, I ran the 16 miles in about a 9:30 pace. The pace was set by running with Sonia, Kate and Yoshi, all fast runners who motivated me, Kiley, and Andy to run as fast. They did 18 miles, but since I haven't done 16 yet, I had to cut it at that. It was nice to know that I was running back while they still had to go a mile farther before they could turn back home. Even with that, Yoshi only finished six minutes behind me.

Next week will be the TnT half marathon. I won't be running, but instead cheering the team on from the sidelines. It's a beach/Hawaiian theme, so I need to pick up beach stuff to decorate my station. I figure I'll wear a Hawaiian shirt and sip a nice, cold beverage from a tall glass.

Runs for this week: five miles, most likely, at the Nike Run in Pasadena; the first track training of the season in Arcadia on Wednesday, and depending on plans, a short run on Thursday.

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