Sunday, August 07, 2005

08.06.2005: The Hills Are Alive! AHHH!


Distance: 10K (approx. 6.2 miles)
Time: 55:33 (official)
Location: Rolling Hills Estates
Notes: This was an extremely difficult race and not just because of the hills. The trails weren't easy to run. Parts of the race took place on horse trails that were sandy and littered with crap. The course was extremely dusty, too. Oh, and did I mention the incessant hills? I was nowhere near the time I wanted to get. I was hoping to crack the 50 minute barrier, but instead, my time is closer, if not slower, than my very first 10K. Fiesta Days remains my best 10K time even though that course had monstrous hill halfway through. At least that one had great downhills where a runner could pick up speed. The hills on this race were small but they were everywhere and left no time for me to catch my breath. I think I could've gone faster despite the rigor of the course, but I just have a low tolerance for feeling miserable. Instead of running through my exhaustion, I would stop and take a walk break.

Next weekend is the AFC Half Marathon. I hope my time there will be better. I'll try to PR and beat my 1:55 from Pacific Shoreline. If I remember correctly, my pace at the half marathon was faster than my 10K pace in Venice. Hopefully I can repeat that in San Diego.

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