Sunday, October 16, 2005

10.16.2005: Long Beach Marathon

Chad, Margaret, Scott, and Scott's daughter

I have been neglecting this training blog of mine. Just too busy, you know? I haven't talked about my terrific 19 miler two weeks ago, the runs at the wilderness park, the week I took off because of papers and presentations to prepare, and my decision to do (yet) another season of Team in Training as a mentor. I will be a mentor with the spring team, and I will be training again for the LA Marathon. The first practice was yesterday, so right now I'm overlapping with fall. I'll miss their 4-miler next week because I'll be up in San Francisco for the Nike Marathon.

Today was the Long Beach Marathon. I woke up early (albeit later than I had planned) and drove to the I-605 Metro station in Norwalk to catch the Green Line and then the Blue Line to Long Beach. Interesting folks on the train.

Seeing the team do exceedingly well at the race energized me for my own race next weekend, but it also got me nervous. 26.2 miles is quite a long way. Do I really want to put myself through the agony again? Seeing the triumph on the faces of today's participants reminded me of how great a feeling it is to accomplish something that requires a lot of work and discipline. Sure, I'll be in pain for a couple of hours, but the elation will last far longer.

I'll be leaving for SF on Saturday morning. From now until then, I hope to get in a couple of runs, perhaps the wilderness park one more time. Then, rest.

The following week it's back to training for LA. Woo Hoo!

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