Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I am a runner (and I am my father's son)

Some notes from the marathon:

1. Apart from meeting my time goal, I also met my goal of not having to go to the bathroom during the run. That was almost in jeopardy when I did not have a satisfactory movement prior to heading downstairs. Luckily, I had a couple of hours. I drank a cup of coffee and an hour later I had a decent one.


2. I pretty much made up my mind that when I finish up grad school next year, I'm going to move up north. I need a change of pace.

3. I like my Gatorade strong. Nike got that part right.

4. The Starbucks at Union Square served apple fritters. The Starbucks here in SoCal ought to do the same.

5. Marathon euphoria apparently lasts up to four days after a race.

6. After reading other blogs, apparently I'm not the only one who cries after a marathon. It can't be a good marathon without a good cry.

7. I need to strengthen my shins. Kate said so.

8. My bib number at the Nike Run Hit Wonder last month was 1697. My bib number for the Nike Women's Marathon was 1797. Coincidence?

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