Saturday, November 12, 2005


I finally succumbed last night at 3AM. I joined the millions who have preceded me and put up a profile on MySpace. I've had an account for a while I established just so I can look at my friends' pictures and spy on strangers. I don't know what came over me, but now it's up. The remarkable thing about it is that a couple of people found my profile even when I had nothing up but my name. Strange. For a while there it was just Tom and me.

I didn't run today. I maintained the aid station for the six mile run at Griffith Park. I messed that up. I left the cooler at home, so I had to MacGyver it and made the Gatorade by cutting a hole on the water bottle and mixing in the Gatorade powder. It worked out fine. Breakfast at Mimi's Cafe in Glendale. Corned beef hash! Mmm. Not nearly as good as the one served by Canter's or the best yet, the cafe we ate at in Napa. I can't remember the name. But, yes, I love me some hash.

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